As a self-professed geek, Keith started his entrepreneurial journey younger than most and has launched several successful businesses in his career – what he commonly refers to as his “overnight 20 year success story”, but that’s not exactly true… If you take away a layer of Keith’s humbleness, you’d know that he was a successful entrepreneur and visionary from the age of 14. Keith has always had the ability to spot future trends, the foresight to setup sound business models (even if they were ahead of their time) and diligently execute sound business plans.

Keith is a seasoned internet and digital marketer, with a reputation for his knowledge and expertise in all areas of the industry. Though he often refers to himself as “the old dude” in the room, with age comes wisdom and experience. After almost 30 years in the industry, Keith is a true expert. 

When not satiating his love of coffee, Keith can always be found discussing business and helping fellow entrepreneurs launch their online businesses! Even from young ages, Keith has inspired all six of his children to be future leaders, problem solvers and pioneers. From developing apps to innovating code, Keith has encouraged his children to change the world as he has– one project at a time.




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